Organic Traffic Generation Nano Course

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About Course

Generate 50000-100000 organic traffic per month.


Organic Traffic Generation nano course is one of the most powerful nano course (180 Minutes Course) in bengali language. Muntasir Mahdi, talks about the processes of generating organic traffic or natural traffic to your online presence (website or social media).

This course is perfect for everyone who is trying to generate traffic or visitor to their website or social media channels or profiles. You’ll learn some common, advanced, unorthodox, secret and black hat organic traffic or website visitor generation techniques in this 180 minutes of course lessons.

If you want to sell traffic or website visitors as a service or as a digital product; this course is also made for that too.

Let me show you how big websites, including me (not a big website!) ; are generating organic visitor and get some hard cash along the way.

Yes, this course is suitable for freelancers, job seekers and business persons.


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What Will You Learn?

  • What is Organic Traffic or Organic Visitor?
  • What is Paid Traffic or Paid Visitor?
  • The Power of Organic Traffic
  • Why do you need Organic Traffic?
  • Must Have things before Generating Organic Traffic
  • 15 Organic Traffic Generation "Common Methods"
  • 15 Organic Traffic Generation "Advanced Methods"
  • 10 Organic Traffic Generation "Unorthodox Methods"
  • 11 Local Organic Traffic Generation "Offline Methods"
  • (BONUS) 9 Black Hat Fastest Traffic Generation Methods (Generate Unlimited Traffic, every month)
  • What to do after generating 50000 organic traffic?
  • What can we do with these organic traffics?

Course Content

The Start of Organic Traffic Generation

  • Organic Traffic is the BOSS

Common Methods of Organic Traffic Generation (20K-30K/Month)

Advanced Methods of Organic Traffic Generation (30K-40K/Month)

Unorthodox/Grey Hat Methods of Organic Traffic Generation (10K-20K/Month)

Black Hat Methods of Organic Traffic Generation (100K-500K/Month)

Local Organic Traffic Generation Methods (5K-10K/Month)

What to do now? How to use this course?

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