The Easiest Affiliation Course

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The Easiest Affiliation Course is truly THE easiest course on affiliate marketing.


If you don’t have a website to start affiliate marketing, this course is for you.

If you just have a facebook profile or instagram profile, you’ll be able to start affiliate marketing after completion.

Even if you don’t have an online presence, you’ll also be able to earn money through affiliate marketing.

In this course, Muntasir Mahdi shows the easiest methods of starting an affiliation business. This course will give you a better understanding on how to start affiliate marketing and start earning daily passive income, without any hassle.

P.S: If you’re a freelancer or looking for a job, then this course is not for YOU! It’s a business program on affiliate marketing.


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What Will You Learn?

  • What is Affiliate Marketing?
  • What is Affiliate/Affiliation Business?
  • Affiliation Business/Store Channels
  • Affiliation Marketing & Sales Channels
  • Affiliated Product Types & Categories
  • What is HTA?/HTC/HTP?
  • What is Niche?
  • Content Writing Lessons
  • Affiliate Business/ Affiliation Step by Step Guideline
  • HTA/HTC/HTP Step by Step Guideline
  • Niche Research Step by Step Guideline
  • Affiliated Product/Service Creation Step by Step Guideline
  • How to find the best niche to start affiliation business?
  • How to list powerful keywords for affiliation business?
  • How to get more traffic to your landing page?
  • How to convert more traffic to your client?
  • How to find fresh affiliated products?
  • Channel/Medium Based Affiliation Business Blueprint
  • Product & Service Based Affiliation Business Blueprint
  • One Page Business Website
  • IG with DP = No Cost Business
  • YT Affiliation Business
  • No Cost Client Hunting
  • Client Hunting Advanced Strategies
  • Marketing Advanced Strategies
  • Business Growth Advanced Strategies
  • Sales Advanced Strategies

Course Content