The Abundance Manifesto (Booklet)


Remember the first paycheck of your life? Try to recall the excitement and exhilaration when you first cashed out the money. The excitement of earning money using your own hands gives a much more personal meaning to it.

However, it doesn’t come without ample obstacles and struggles. This includes your attitude towards accepting the money as well.

Why is it some people who struggled as much as you do didn’t receive what they deserve?

Has this happened to you, your close friends or family members? Do you know what caused it mostly?

Within the next pages of this book – The Abundance Manifesto, you will uncover the one true manifesto of your abundance. It is more than just your well-known struggle but it starts as early from the way your mind commanding your nerve system to act upon it.

This command is highly influenced by the result of conflict between your mind and your heart.Slowly, you utter words reflecting your feelings and eventually you act the way you are feeling now.


Language: English

File: PDF

Booklet Size: 109 MB

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